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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Why can’t I see all of the Products/Categories?

You will need to apply using our online Application Form, if you are approved you will be able to sign in and all the Categories and Products will appear. You will then be able to proceed with purchases directly from our website.

Where are the Products and Details?

 Individual product details are available on the page of each product on our website. There is also an image of the product that may be clicked on to enlarge it for better viewing. 

How are orders placed?

To place an order with us you need to do so via this website by selecting the required product/s and providing the relevant details for your Customer's order. You then need to pay in full for all orders in advance, at the time of ordering. This is a typical standard procedure when purchasing from any online store. Although this is the most efficient process and provides electronic invoices, if you are not able to order via our website then we can provide you with an order form that may be faxed to our office. This will also require your credit card details for payment in advance, so we will need a form signed to authorise this. Your private information will not be passed on to any third party and we will keep your details in a secure environment.

Can I choose any name?

Yes you can, all of our Personalised Jewellery items are manufactured one at a time so which ever name or even word is required, it will be custom made.

Do you keep stock of names?

As you can imagine there are millions of different names in the world so we do not keep stock of any names at all.

Can I change the name or word after ordering?

It is always best to contact us via phone or email immediately if a change is required so we can check the status of your order, if we have already started producing your personalised item then you will not be able to change the name or word.

What if the ring is not the correct size for our customer?

We advise you to professionally check the required size for your customer/s because once we have made the order we are unable to change it or accept returns due to the nature of the item being custom made. HOWEVER, it is quite often possible to adjust ring sizes at a Jeweller (we do not offer this service).

Do prices of the Jewellery ever change?

Due to the nature of many of our products being made in silver or gold, the world prices can vary which means sometimes we have no choice but to make adjustments to some of our prices. This can happen without warning, however we always do our best to absorb the increases to keep our customers happy with the best prices in Australia.

What are the usual thicknesses of the name necklace pendants (the actual names)?

Regular Sterling Silver names are 0.7mm thick, and "Double Thick" names in silver are 1.2mm thick. Our regular 14k yellow or white gold names are 0.4mm thick, and "Double Thick" gold names are 0.8mm thick.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There are no minimum requirements for purchasing from NameNecklaces.com.au. You may purchase one item per transaction if you require, however you will pay the same amount for postage whether for this one item or multiple items in one transaction. There are various postage options, all apply only once the item/s have been produced.

When should orders be placed?

After selling one of our personalised jewellery products in your physical premises (shop, salon etc) or online store, you will need to order from us within a reasonable time - same day is preferable.

How long does it take to receive orders?

We usually advise that it can take up to 3 to 4 weeks to receive hand-made personalised jewellery, however our average is 2.5 weeks. The sooner you place your order, the sooner you will receive it and that is best for your customers too. It is your responsibility to advise your customer/s of the waiting period at the time of their purchase/s.

May we use your products for Advertising?

You may include any of our products in your advertising or promotions (Eg: Newspapers, Magazines, Flyers), please contact us if you require any images/photographs of our products, there is no charge for this.

What if we receive broken/damaged goods?

If you receive damaged/broken goods from us (Eg: In a package we sent to you) you must advise us immediately by phone or email so a suitable solution may be established as soon as possible.

Do you accept Customer Returns?

We are unable to accept your Customer Returns for any reason. For a Physical Store we advise you to show your customer/s the goods before they leave your store to verify their acceptance. For Online Stores we advise you to check the goods before sending to your customer/s. If they attempt to return claiming fault or breakage then it is at your own discretion whether to accept return of the item/s. You have the option to pay a fee for repair or replacement of whole or part of the goods (plus postage if relevant), but again it is at your own discretion whether to recover the cost/s from your customer/s. You may ring or email us if you are unsure how to proceed as each circumstance may be different.